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Bachelor of Vedic Astrology Degree–Jyotish Vidvan

Master of Vedic Astrology–Jyotish Siromani

Doctor of Philosophy in Vedic Astrology–Jyotish Sarasvati

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Any special skills, talents or abilities that you have which could be useful in rendering as a service for maintaining, developing, or promoting the BVC School of Jyotish (or BVC in general)? Remember nothing is too small and what may seem insignificant to you could be very significant to us. If you can not think of any now just write "will discuss with instructor," we will deal with it later as we become familiar with each other. (For a list of some presently needed services see Service Opportunities. This list is not exhaustive.)

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Admission requirements:


Bachelor of Vedic Astrology Degree-Jyotish Vidvan: With School's permission after evaluation. This program may be taken without any previous Vedic Astrology training. 

Master of Vedic Astrology Degree-Jyotish Siromani: Student possesses a Jyotish Vidvan degree.

Doctor of Vedic Astrology Degree-Jyotish Sarasvati: Student possesses a Jyotish Siromani degree. 


Student needs to have at least a minimum computer configuration, and an internet connection. Course work, projects and writing assignments require a computer. Students have to access the Bhaktivedanta College Web site where supplementary information, announcements, schedules, etc. will be found.

Command of English. You do not need to be Shakespeare still, Jyotish is a very technical subject and will require good comprehension in order to succeed.

Serious about spiritual life.

Student should have good manners, be tactful and respectful. For more details see admissions.

It is expected that a student will not practice astrology or accept fees for services until after he has graduated.


Further considerations for candidates of the BVC School of Jyotish:

In keeping with Vedic tradition especially regarding Jyotish we carefully screen the candidates for this program. This is the first of a three step process (application, phone interview and evaluation for details see admissions). According to Manu Samhita 2.109-118, here are the general guidelines for teaching someone the Vedic sciences:

109. According to the sacred law the following ten persons, viz. the teacher's son, one who desires to do service, one who imparts knowledge, one who is intent on fulfilling the law, one who is pure, a person connected by marriage or friendship, one who possesses mental ability, one who is a patron, one who is honest, and a relative, may be instructed in the Veda.

110. Unless one is asked, one must not explain anything to anybody, nor must one answer a person who asks improperly; let a wise man, though he knows the answer, behave among men as if he were an idiot.

111. Of the two persons, him who illegally explains anything, and him who illegally asks a question, one or both will die or incur the other's enmity.

112. Where merit and wealth are not obtained by teaching nor at least due obedience, in such soil sacred knowledge must not be sown, just as good seed must not be thrown on barren land.

113. Even in times of dire distress a teacher of the Veda should rather die with his knowledge than sow it in barren soil.

114. Sacred Learning approached a Brahmana and said to him: 'I am thy treasure, preserve me, deliver me not to a scorner; so preserved I shall become supremely strong.'

115. 'But deliver me, as to the keeper of thy treasure, to a Brahmana whom thou shalt know to be pure, of subdued senses, chaste and attentive.'

116. But he who acquires without permission the Veda from one who recites it, incurs the guilt of stealing the Veda, and shall sink into hell.

117. A student shall first reverentially salute that teacher from whom he receives knowledge, referring to worldly affairs, to the Veda, or to the Brahman.

118. A Brahmana who completely governs himself, though he know the Savitri only, is better than he who knows the three Vedas, but does not control himself, eats all sorts of food, and sells all sorts of goods.

In regards to teaching Jyotish, Satyacarya has stated:

"Addressing his pupil, Satyacarya said, 'Oh my dear disciple! I am going to reveal the principles of Astrology to you. These principles are not known to anybody and are a great secret. But by means of these secrets you can predict future events accurately.

"The science of astrology is a great secret and it should be guarded with great care. It should never be revealed to people who have no faith in God, who are skeptics by nature and to those who do not show reverence to their Guru.

"This sacred science of Astrology should never be taught to bad people. Nor should it be revealed to too many people or very frequently. It should be taught only to a few chosen disciples who really deserve and have the necessary qualifications. Now I shall expound the principle of astrology according to the school of Dhruva." Satyajatakam 1.1-3

We are not so much interested in the quantity of students that we get but rather in the quality of the student and their suitability for being a Vedic astrologer according to the standards set by the ancients.

In screening applicants we not only consider their academic history but we will scrutinize their horoscope's to see if they have the potential to be good astrologers and fulfill the objectives of the school. We shall only inform the candidate whether they were accepted or not---without giving detailed reasons for our decision. If the candidate wants detailed reasons for our actions, they should submit $108 for the astrological consultation and time involved.

It should be noted that be to declined by the Bhaktivedanta College School of Astrology in no way reflects on the character of the candidate. It simply indicates that in the subjective opinion of the admissions board the candidate would not do that well in this field at the Bhaktivedanta College.

For Applications that pass the first screening see admissions.


Financial Understanding:

I have carefully read the "Tuition" and "Financial Information," and I agree to abide by all the policies set forth therein.
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Application Fee:

There is an application fee of $35.00 US Dollars to cover the cost of processing by the BVC and screen out frivolous applicants.


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